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Rohan Ashima

Whitefield, bangalore

3/4/5 BHK Twin Level Town Houses

PLUS rating

Ventilation – 10 | Light – 10 | Privacy – 10 | Space – 10


Walls block movement of light. Walls block movement of air. And most importantly, they block the movement of people. So we removed some walls. But that was just the first step. Our engineers then built concealed openings in roofs that draw in fresh air like a funnel. And skylights that bathe the interiors of the house with warm sunshine.

Rohan Ashima

Brookfield is a posh area, with real estate prices skyrocketing and relatively new, booming commercial roads such as ITPL road. IT Companies like IBM, SAP have their offices here. It is a busy place in Bangalore. Brookefield also has extensive city bus connectivity with a wide range of services offered by BMTC. A Traffic and Transit Management Centre (TTMC)