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CRISIL Rating of "Pune - 7 Star" for Rohan Mithila and
Rohan Leher Projects.
Good news for kings, wise men and others in the relentless pursuit of an innovative and stylish dream home. Our endeavour and commitment have paid off. Rohan Mithila and Rohan Leher have been awarded a “Pune 7-Star” rating by CRISIL, a distinguished topmost rating in the real estate category.

The rating reassures you of what we have always delivered, everything from overall quality to financial and legal transparency, from design innovation to track record, even our green initiatives and organisational strength.

All aspects are planned, built and adorned with only the finest.

Now you have one more reason to invest in a Rohan property. Just one look and you'll be convinced. The seven stars will never disappoint you.
CRISIL – Star Rating For Real Estate Projects  - Source: Crisil Ratings
Star Rating Scale
City 7-star
City 6-star
City 5-star
City 4-star
City 3-star
City 2-star
City 1-star
Non-Deliverable Project
  1. The Rating 'City 7 Star' is the highest rating in the category
  2. The lowest rating for a project will be Non-Deliverable' Project
  3. The Star Rating would be prefixed by the city name e.g. Mumbai
Star Rating Parameters

  • Project Sponsor Quality
  • Project Construction Quality
  • Project Legal Quality
  • Project Financial Quality
  • Project Innovation Quality
Star Rating Criteria
Construction and legal track record
Organisation strength, systems & processes
Financial strength of developers (s)
Project Construction Quality Project Legal Quality
Structural quality Clarity of Title
Infrastructure & Integrated Facilities Restrictive Covenants
Finishes Encumbrances
After-Sales Services Sale Agreement
Likelihood of Time and Cost Overruns Development Agreement
Project Financial Quality Project Innovation Quality
Accounting Quality Innovation in the areas of
Project Economics or Viability Land acquisition/ Construction technology/ Building design/ Project funding
Financial Flexibility