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We at Rohan Builders spend much time understanding your needs in a home. After arriving at the perfect formula combining your needs, we decided to incorporate your expectations in the very fibre of our design technique. This is what we call PLUS HOME, a standard design concept of every Rohan Home. PLUS stands for Perfect Ventilation, Lively Light, Utmost Privacy and Smart Space, which means that large windows bathe every room with an optimum amount of natural light and create ample cross ventilation. And when it comes to space and privacy, walls and passageways are intelligently managed so that both space and privacy are at their optimum level.



The unique design of a Rohan Home assures that windows do not open into a neighbouring window. Instead, the main windows open to the inviting greenery of the landscaped gardens outside. Which means, be it the living area, the bedroom or the kitchen, one finds themselves in a refreshingly airy home. Far form neighbouring eyes, tucked away in a space of their own, enjoying the air supply!



Pull your drapes aside, and throw the windows open. Sunlight will pour in right from the large windows in all the rooms. The way we plan your homes, absolutely nothing can stop the passage of light. We do away with the unwanted walls and passages, making sure the light is unobstructed. And that you have a brighter home!

We understand light does not reach 20 feet from any one source. So we generally provided for more than one source of light in your home. Most windows look out onto open landscapes, and not other brick wall.

Our endeavor is to ensure that for as long as you live in a Rohan Home, you will never feel the need to use artificial light when the sun's still up.


DON’T BE ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOUR NEIGHBOURS. BECAUSE HOME IS THE ONLY PLACE WHERE YOU CAN BE YOURSELF. When you go to work, you have to be formal. On the road, you have to be courteous. At your club, you have to be suave. On the golf course, you have to be a sport. When you meet your doctor, you have to be respectful. Only when you come home, can you truly be the person you want to – yourself. So, imagine if even this last space of privacy is snatched away from you. Invaded by the numerous camera phones, digicams, etc. which are doing the rounds today. Imagine if your neighbour had a front row seat to your life. At Rohan, we understand the importance of privacy. For this very reason, we’ve evolved a concept to prevent invasion of privacy. Imagine living in an apartment and not having nosy neighbours!

Open the window and instead of neighbours you will see neatly landscaped gardens, or the city. This is because the layout is planned such that the windows don’t open out to other windows. Every time you open the door, your home will not be on display for the world. This is because we have designed each doorway such that it opens into a lobby instead of your living room.

Whether you play your TV or music system at full blast, or start learning a new musical instrument, you won’t be disturbing a soul. This is because there are no common walls between homes. So no irritating knocking noises from the other side, because there is no one on the other side.


Another feature that sets Rohan Homes apart is smart utilization of space. Whether it is space in the physical sense or its emotional embodiment that you seek, you will find generous amounts of both in Rohan Homes. To start with, the living room and dining room layout creates a feeling of openness and ensures that valuable square feet are not wasted. Dimensions of the living room are in a proportion so that it does not look confined and narrow. Internal walls have been placed such that passageways are reduced, thus creating more usable space in the same floor area. What’s more, these apartments are open from nearly all sides and feature cross openings, resulting in improved air circulation. Rest assured that in a Rohan Home, you would get all the space you desire.

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At Rohan, we believe that life must exist alongside nature, not at the cost of it. This is an ethos we call “ECO Housing”. We start out with the plan being designed in such a way that there is minimal alteration to the natural terrain. And we make sure that energy is conserved in every possible way.

Today, water is a precious resource and must be conserved. Therefore, sewage water is recycled and used to water the plants and for flushing. Drip irrigation is utilized to prevent wastage of water while watering the landscape. To help improve depleting ground water levels, we utilize rain water harvesting, thus making use of every drop of water possible. The wet waste that is generated will be converted to compost in compost pit or processed in the bio-gas plant, to convert it into environment-friendly bio-gas and rich organic garden manure.

Across Rohan projects, fly ash a thermal waste is put to good use through a proven and scientific process. It is blended with concrete and concrete blocks in a precise proportion to enhance their properties. By acting as a mini biosphere, the natural landscaping plays a part in preserving the local eco systems. Thanks to the natural light and ventilation offered by our PLUS homes design, and the thermal roofing which helps keep the interiors cooler, less electricity is consumed, resulting in huge energy savings.

Little wonder then, that we are proud to acclaim that Rohan Homes are truly green at heart.
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